We try our best to provide the cheapest shipping options for our non-Finnish customers, therefore our webshop does not support international orders for 12" records.

PLACE YOUR 12" ORDERS BY EMAIL ONLY [email protected]

What is Finnish Hardcore?

We are a DIY project bringing early 1980's rare & raw Finnish Hardcore Punk back to life in format of vinyl, tapes, zines, books, shirts and more. All our releases are official. Based in Helsinki, Finland. Since 2000.

Miksi sivustonne on englanniksi?

Koska suurin osa tilauksista ja yhteydenotoista tulee meille ulkomailta.

How much does it cost to ship orders outside Finland?

All packages including 12" records are shipped registered. After payment you will receive shipping information and tracking number.

Registered shipping for 1 x 12" to Europe starts from 13 euros. Registered shipping for 1 x 12" to the rest of the World starts from 33 euros. 

For 7"s, CDs, tapes and zines we can do unregistered shipping per buyer´s risk.

Unregistered shipping for 1 x 7" / CD, tape / zine to Europe starts from 4,10 euros. Unregistered shipping for 1 x 7" / tape / zine to the rest of the World starts from 4,40 euros. 

Note: These are approximately prices only. Finnish Hardcore is not responsible for possible price changes.

I don't have an PayPal. How do I place and pay my order?

Non-Finnish customers need to place their orders by email: [email protected]. Payment methods are PayPal and international bank transfer.

Also Finnish customers can place their orders by email: [email protected]. Payment methods include PayPal, MobilePay and bank transfer.

How do I get info about your upcoming releases?

The best way is to subscribe to our newsletter (please specify your preferred language: English / suomi). Or drop us a line: [email protected].

You can also follow us on social media: Facebook and Instagram.

Are the sold out items really sold out, or can I still get a copy directly from you?

Sold out means sold out from us. You can try your luck with our resellers, Discogs etc. Good luck!

Please see releases page for more info.

What are your payment options?

We accept international payments by PayPal and bank transfer. You will get payment and shipping info after placing your order.

For Finnish customers we offer PayPal for webshop orders. Orders made by email can be paid by MobilePay and bank transfer.

Are your releases available from shops / distros in Finland and the rest of the World?

Yes, please see resellers page for more info.

Are your releases available for wholesale?

Yes, we do wholesale and are happy to tell you more. Please email us: [email protected].

Are you guys on Discogs etc?

Our releases can be found on Discogs, our playlists are on YouTube and Spotify

You will find us on Facebook and Instagram, too.

I run a label, too. Would you buy / trade my releases for your distro?

Unfortunately we don't since we don't have enough storage space nor time to run a real distro. There are some exceptions though: if your release is Finnish HC related, feel free to contact us: [email protected].

Why does it take so long to get a reply to my email or confirmation to my order?

While we love what we do, this is still just a hobby besides work, family and social life. We do respect your support and patience.

Any questions?

You can always contact us through contact form or by email (in English / suomeksi): [email protected].

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