Upcoming releases:

FINHC-023 Rattus: Rajoitettu ydinsota -EP 7" (13th Nov 2023)
Reissue, 300 copies on trans-green vinyl, 700 copies on black vinyl

FINHC-027 RATTUS: Rikki LP + bonus CD (13th Nov 2023)
150 copies on trans-magenta vinyl, 350 copies on black vinyl, bonus- CD incl. classic Rattus tracks performed by guest vocalists

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Past releases:

FINHC-001 Aivoproteesi: Karsinaan 7” (2000)
lathe cut, limited to 82 copies, sold out

FINHC-002 Sorto: Aina valmiina 7” (2021)
reissue from 1986, 100 hand-numbered copies w/OBI, 213 un-numbered, sold out

FINHC-003 Kauhun tasapaino -zine (2020)
Re-issue from 1984-1985, 250 copies, sold out

FINHC-004 Punk elää! comp tape (2020)
reissue from 1982, 251 hand-numbered copies, sold out

FINHC-005 Distortio: Sotaa tape (2021)
200 hand-numbered copies, sold out

FINHC-006 Colditz Collection comp tape (2021)
reissue from 1983, including booklet, 300 hand-numbered copies, sold out

FINHC-007 Rattus: Finnish Hardcore tape (2021)
reissue from 1984, 100 hand-numbered copies on mint green shell, 400 un-numbered copies on clear shell, including fanzine, sold out

FINHC-008 Dachau: Ballaadeja tape (2021)
reissue from 1983, 300 copies, sold out

FINHC-009 Kärsä zine + HIC Systeemi flexi 7” (2021)
Kärsä fanzine 1982-1984 anthology, including HIC Systeemi live 1983 7" flexi disc, 500 copies, sold out

FINHC-010 Sekaannus: Kutsu 12” (2021)
reissue from 1985 w/3 bonus tracks, 100 copies on semi-transparent blue vinyl, 400 copies on black vinyl, sold out

FINHC-011 Antikeho: Suomi ´81 12" & tape (2021)
12": 160 copies on transparent green vinyl, 440 copies on black vinyl, tape: 100 hand-numbered copies, sold out
Japanese CD version released by Vox Populi, order here

FINHC-012 Kaaos t-shirt, back patch, patches (2021)
sold out

FINHC-013 Vivisektio: 1985 12” (2022)
100 copies on light green vinyl, 300 copies on black vinyl, sold out

FINHC-014 Pohjasakka: Kidutusta ja pelkoa 12” (2021)
200 copies on yellow vinyl, 750 copies on black vinyl, 50 copies on exclusive green vinyl, sold out

FINHC-015 Pohjasakka t-shirt, back patch, tote bag (2021)
sold out

FINHC-016 Massacre: The story tape (2021)
reissue from 1986, including A4 insert, 200 hand-numbered copies, sold out

FINHC-017 Terveet Kädet - Heikki Kemppaisen valokuvia 1980-1984 photo book (2022)
1st edition: 600 hand-numbered copies, 2nd edition: 200 copies, 3rd edition: 200 copies, sold out

FINHC-018 Dachau: Tuomiopäivä 7” (8th Feb 2023)
Demo 1982, for the first time on vinyl, single-sided, order here

FINHC-019 HIC systeemi: Perälä-nauhat 1981-1983 tape (2022)
12 rehearsal tracks, 6 of them previously unreleased, sold out
US version released by Sorry State

FINHC-020 LAMA: Onks' Marko täällä? tape (2022)
Reissue of their cult 1982 live bootleg tape, sold out

FINHC-021 Kaaos: Live 1981 LP
their 2nd show ever, previously unreleased, order here

FINHC-022 Sekaannus: Aivokuolleet-EP 7"
demo 1984, 9 tracks of raw HC, sold out

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